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Human Resources

At Bnal prefabs, we believe that Human Resource is the most important asset for our business. For any of the employee, with intensive induction training for better know-how of the organization & than place the person on the job.

Some other good practices includes mentoring & transparent appraisals. We believe that every employee is a part of Bnal Family and help employees with providing career advancement opportunities to the best of their talent.

Fulfill Your Potential

If you share our values and goals, we can give you a career where your talents and ambitions are recognized and rewarded.

You’ll work in an environment with plenty of opportunities to develop – as an individual and as a professional.

You’ll be offered rewarding and challenging projects that will stretch your mind and let you use your initiative & innovative skills.

You’ll work with like-minded people who share your attitudes and enthusiasm.


Bnal Prefabs Pvt Ltd has aggressive growth plans and offers immense opportunities to committed and capable individuals.

Career Opportunities

What are you waiting for? Build yourself with us!
Development, implementation and administration of our Prefab Process.
Send your Resume at: hr@bnalprefabs.com